Scubapro D Mask

5,725.00 ฿

The NEW Premium Design Scubapro D Mask with unique sleek styling.


รหัสสินค้า: X24.250.300 หมวดหมู่: , ,


  • True color UV protective lenses offer protection from UV light on the surface without affecting colors under water.
  • Interchangeable lens system makes it easy to install optional optical lenses.
  • Rotating buckles work with a new black-on-black Comfort Strap to optimize range of motion and achieve a comfortable, watertight fit.
  • Trufit Technology with its unique ribbing texture on the mask skirt.
  • Packaged in the durable molded fabric box: mask delivered with blue mask frames, all black colored frames, a HUD hands-free dive computer mount and an all-black Comfort Strap.