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Brand:Aqua Lung

Titan Regulator Complete Set

Original price was: 26,590.00 ฿.Current price is: 23,930.00 ฿.

จุดเด่นของ Aqualung Titan Regulator:

  • 1st stage และ 2nd stage ขนาดมาตรฐาน
  • 1st stage แบบ Balanced diaphragm
  • 2nd stage แบบธรรมดา สลับสายซ้าย-ขวาได้
  • Octopus แบบธรรมดา สลับสายซ้าย-ขวาได้
  • มีก้านโยกปรับ Dive-PreDive ป้องกันการ Free Flow ขณะอยู่บนผิวน้ำ


Titan First Stage

  • The balanced diaphragm mechanism allows for ease of breathing and consistent performance while protecting internal moving parts from the environment
  • The T-Shape design is compact and provides optimal hose routing
  • The unique forged body uses less brass, making it more compact and lighter weight than other regulators
  • The polyurethane outer skin protects metallic parts from shocks
  • The MP and HP outlets are perfectly positioned to for streamlined hose positioning
  • The open yoke screw helps avoid water retention

Titan Second Stage

  • The unique Comfobite mouthpiece, with the patented roof of mouth bridge, reduces jaw fatigue
  • The removable and reusable clip facilitates quick and easy mouthpiece changes
  • With few components and easy access to the exhaust valve through a clipped deflector, maintenance is easy The in-line Venturi knob offers effective and progressive adjustments using an ergonomic design for easy manipulation, even with gloves
  • The polyurethane purge cover offers significant abrasion- and tear-resistance, protects from shocks, allows for easy water purging, and decreases inhalation effort Side openings prevent free flow when facing into currents or riding a scooter
  • Reinforced polycarbonate makes the second stage stronger
  • The Deflector splits up bubbles to decrease noise and protect the valve from expiration

Calypso Octopus

  • Venturi Knob
  • Durable – Made of polycarbonate materials
  • Quick-Connect – The second stage can be removed and reattached without tools for quick change-outs
  • Lefty Love – Can be easily switched from a right-hand to a left-hand configuration by an authorized Aqua Lung dealer—no additional parts necessary
  • Yellow Purge Cover – High-viz yellow purge cover and accent pieces
  • Octo Hose – 39in/99cm yellow hose for high visibility in case of emergency. Easily distinguishable from your primary hose

PSI Console

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Pressure gauge (Zero to 400 Bar)


Aqua Lung